Save Historic Hangar S Sign the Hangar S petition here! Hangar S and John Glenn on his way to making history. The hallway in Hangar S that John Glenn walked down on his way to history. John Glenn walking through Hangar S on his way to history.

The staircase in Hangar S that Gordon

John Glenn passes through the Hangar S portal to space.

Historic Hangar S



Hangar S the focal point of Launch Operations at Cape Canaveral during Project Mercury 1960-63, is on NASA's demolition list. If circumstances remain unchanged Hangar S will follow the Mercury Control Center (MCC) to oblivion sometime in 2013.

During Project Mercury Hangar S housed the Mercury Capsule preparation areas including white room and high altitude chamber. NASA and McDonnell Aircraft Corporation (MAC), prime capsule contractor, maintained offices at this location. Astronaut crew quarters, a dressing room and medical offices were situated on the second floor.

All Mercury 7 astronauts; Shepard, Grissom, Glenn, Carpenter, Schirra, Cooper, and Slayton, passed through Hangar S. Shepard through Cooper walked the Hangar S tarmac to the transfer van that transported them to launch complex 5/6 and 14 for America's first suborbital and orbital flights. Astronaut nurse Dee O'Hara; suit techs Joe Schmitt and Alan Rochford; Director of Launch Operations G. Merritt Preston, are among the many historic persons that worked at Industrial Complex S.

Unfortunately, Hangar S is not on NASA's list of historic properties because it has been re-purposed to the point that NASA no longer sees historic value in the structure. If you disagree and want this important artifact preserved please sign this petition requesting NASA and the US Air Force save this historic site for future generations to experience.

Map of the Cape Map of the Industrial Area
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February 27, 2015

SpaceX hands Hangar S a last minute but temporary reprieve from demolition

NASA-KSC acknowledges a temporary stay in the demolition of Hangar S as the building is being used by SpaceX for a period of six (6) months after which time the Hangar is to be returned to NASA for the ultimate demolition unless an extension is needed.

NASA-KSC and the Florida State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) prior recognition of Hangar S eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places has not altered NASA's intent to demolish this historic building. Continued public input is critical to encouraging a positive outcome such as is offered by the SpaceX lease. SpaceX or other potential commercial entities should be encouraged to continue the use and preservation of Hangar S, the cradle of US spaceflight, so it can continue to play a part in the exploration initiated there over fifty years ago. Please add your name to the petition to SAVE HANGAR S.

SHPO Letter about SpaceX Lease:

Janurary 31, 2014

NASA Acknowledges Hangar S Historic Status

NASA has completed their review of facilities at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) including Hangar S.
The Agency has determined:

". . . that a historic district was found on the [CCAFS] entitled, "NASA-owned CCAFS Industrial Area Historic District." The district consists of 16 contributing and 3 non-contributing resources with a discontiguous boundary. . . . The buildings are directly associated with a wide variety of NASA's historically significant manned and unmanned spaceflight missions. . . . [and] are also united by standardized design characteristics that give the overall area a distinctive look and feel. . . . . The 16 contributing resources within the district are. . . . . Hangar S, 66250. . . . In addition, Hangar S . . . . . [is] considered individually eligible. Hangar S played a significant role in NASA's preflight operations in association to Project Mercury (1959-1963) in the area of Space Exploration."

Read the entire letter here:

However, NASA's acknowledgement of Hangar S historic status and eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places does not preclude demolition (read here). Therefore continued public support will be important to the preservation of this historic structure. Please if you have not done so already sign the petition to SAVE HANGAR S.

March 13, 2013

The Florida Department of Historic Resources, State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), recently acknowledged "[i]t is very likely that there is a historic district in the Industrial Area [of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station] given the range and the importance of the programs it provided to support the mission and foundation of the early development of the manned space program." Evidence provided by NASA to the Florida SHPO supports and further defines Hangar S contributions to Project Mercury, Gemini and beyond with the observation that "[t]he hangar supported manned space flight from Project Mercury through the Space Shuttle Program..."

If there is any remaining doubt about Hangar S historic status one need only visit the site where the Kennedy Space Center, Then and Now Tour is advertised:

At the site one can see the admission of the historic nature of this building and place unless they've removed it. Please continue to show your support for the preservation of Hangar S by signing the petition to SAVE HANGAR S!

November 1, 2012

NASA has delayed demolition of Hangar S to more fully evaluate the historic significance of this structure and location.

Public opinion was, and continues to be, very important to this process. Your participation in signing the petition contributed to NASA's decision to reevaluate the destruction of Hangar S.

Moving forward public input will be critical to preserving this important artifact! So please continue to spread the word and if you haven't already, sign the petition to SAVE HANGAR S!

Scott Carpenter discusses Hangar S

Dee O'Hara discusses Hangar S

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Hangar S on February 23, 1962

Kennedy at Hangar S on February 23, 1962
John F. Kennedy honors John Glenn at Hangar S after his historic 3 orbit mission aboard Friendship 7.

John Glenn shows John F. Kennedy the interior of the Mercury Spacecraft infront of Hangar S.
(Note: No sound on this video.)

Hangar S in the News

Read this article from the Johnson Space Center Archive to learn more about Hangar S. It talks about how Hangar S fits into the overall scheme and details why it is important to save.

Space News Roundup, Volume 1, Number 3: November 29, 1961

Read this article by Todd Halvorson from the Brevard County Florida Today newspaper for more on NASA's plans to demolish Hangar S. It includes a great interview with Jack King at Hangar S.

NASA's historic Hangar S faces bitter end.

Hangar S can continue to serve the aerospace industry read more...

XCOR Aerospace plans to set up spaceship center in Florida.

Good'ol Hangar S on August 11, 2012

Hangar S Now on August 11, 2012

Gordon Cooper and suit tec Alan Rochford walking down the stairs of Hangar S.


Gordon 'Gordo' Cooper passes through the Hangar S portal to space.

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